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The Straight Up Line

The Manhattan. Velvety, smoky and elegant.The honored patriarch of American cocktails. It’s commonly believed that the drink originated in the early 1870s at the Manhattan Club in New York City.


Couture pays homage to this American original with the first release of its premium "Straight Up" line.  Our Straight Up Manhattan is distilled and bottled by local Oregon distillery Indio Spirits, using the classic mix of American whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. 


"Our manhattan recipe is inspired by my grandmother's Kentucky roots and southern charm, my grandfather's zest for life and our family tradition of sharing high quality, delicious cocktails together. Couture Cocktails has created this same tradition for  you to share with your family and friends!" - Laura Brady, Owner and CEO



Simple to make


Using a shaker filled with ice, simply pour the desired amount of Straight Up Manhattan. Shake contents until cooled, and pour into a martini glass. Add your favorite garnish (may we suggest a Manhattan soaked cherry) and serve. It's that simple! The perfect Manhattan made in seconds—at your home bar, in the backyard, camping, just about anywhere.

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