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The art of distilling meets modern,

on the go mixology

Couture Cocktails. The name conjures visions of a velvet-dark nightclub, with a sultry singer baring her soul. Or a summer bbq at the beach with a nice kobe beef round on the grill. Maybe at a vintage, well-loved bar table reflecting the red of a brandy cherry swirling in a classically made Manhattan. Any of these perfectly describes the Couture brand of all-in-one cocktails. 


Our drinks are portable, storable,and crafted with all the high quality, pre-measured ingredients that make each one a classic. There's no need to buy all the accompaniments that go into making vintage cocktails. We've done it for you! All you add is ice and garnish, such as a cherry.


"Couture Cocktails combines the centuries-old art of American distilleries and spirit-making with today’s mixology. For our Straight Up line we picked cocktails that are timeless and elegant." - CEO Laura Brady. 


The simple mission of Couture Cocktails is to respect the art that goes into making a classic cocktail—and offer it in a reasonably priced, convenient, all-in-one package. 


With Couture, you get the ability to pour a perfect cocktail every time, anywhere.

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